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Snoring Treatment

Since opening our doors in 2000, we have always been committed to making our clients feel great about themselves. Our variety of services will help you get the look you’ve always wanted: glowing, firm and youthful. Our team members will take care of your every need, always attuned to your taste and preferences. Explore the services we offer below, and contact us today to book your first meeting!

NightLase laser assisted snoring treatment: Services


As we drift off to sleep, the muscles in the back of our throat, our tongue and the roof of our mouths (soft palate) relax. This relaxation narrows the airways and if these muscles are relaxed enough they can vibrate as we breathe causing snoring.

Fotona’s NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive, comfortable treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase® reduces the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser-induced tightening effect of the soft palate, opening up the airways and reducing the amount the soft palate vibrates.

Sleep is essential for all processes in the body, good sleep can reduce the risk of serious disease, improve mental fortitude and can even improve the effectiveness of a weight loss plan. Patients find NightLase® to be a highly comfortable and satisfying solution. NightLase® requires no device to be worn during sleep and involves no chemical treatment. It’s a gentle, non-invasive and easy way to regain a good night's rest.

A full course of NightLase® consists of 3-6 separate treatment sessions. The final results of the treatment have been shown to last up to a year, and the therapy can be repeated.

Before and throughout the NightLase® treatment course you will be monitored by our ear nose and throat (ENT) surgeon Mr Neil Vallance.

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