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Non-Invasive Plumping for Fuller Lips without Injectables

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LipLase uses the Fotona SMOOTH mode to heat the deep layers of the lip and stimulate collagen production. Lips and surrounding skin, as well as the inner portion of the lips are treated to stimulate the collagen production from both sides.

LipLase enhances lips to give a fuller, more natural appearance solely by using laser energy, without injectables. Lip plumping is a result of the stimulation of new collagen after LipLase treatment. There are no injections needed, no foreign materials are used, and you can return to day to day activities immediately with little or no side effects. LipLaseTM rejuvenates, fills, plumps lips and defines shape.

What to expect from the LipLase treatment:

  • Fuller, smoother lips

  • Stimulation of collagen remodeling

  • Initiation of new collagen synthesis

  • No needles, no downtime

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