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At Peninsula Aesthetic and Laser Clinic , we are a surgeon (FRACS) directed Cosmetic Skin & Laser Practice. We provide cutting edge and advanced technology in anti-aging, laser and cosmetic procedures.  


We provide state-of-the-art laser treatments, innovative aesthetic procedures, rhinoplasty, wrinkle prevention treatment, hair restoration, tattoo removal, revitalising antioxidant and medical grade chemical peels peels, Meso infusion micro needling and body sculpting. 


We serve to provide our patients with a superior level of efficacy, safety, affordability, professionalism, attention, medical and personal care attuned to your unique requirements. 

We are a small boutique practice offering superior procedures underpinned by a holistic approach to anti-ageing medicine. We believe in individual treatment plans, that no one patient is the same and that and our very purpose is to make your journey and experience with us a unique and unforgettable one.




Discover the power of light

With over 20 years of experience in using light devices to treat many conditions therapeutic and anti-ageing we offer medical grade treatment options.
Discover the medical and cosmetic power of light targeted to treat a range of condition from anti-ageing, pigmentation and resurfacing.
Discover how Fotona laser can safely and effectively treat the eye area dealing with eye bags, wrinkles sunken and dull eyes.
Discover the LipLase treatment a laser designed to plump and define your natural lip, without looking fake.
In conjunction with peninsula ENT and Mr Vallance, discover how we use the safe application of laser to help treat snoring without any downtime.
We offer head to toe Laser, utilizing the power of light and heat to treat anything from body sculpting, to hair removal and more.

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Inovation in Meso infusion and micro needling

Toskani meso-infusion is a state-of-the-art skincare technique that combines specialized cocktails of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to target specific skin concerns. These cocktails can be tailored to address a wide range of issues, including aging signs, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, acne, cellulite, and more.

At Peninsula Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, our mesotherapy infusions redefine skincare through a revolutionary microneedling technique. Unlike traditional methods, our microneedling precisely targets the transdermal layer to disperse our specialized cocktails throughout the skin, ensuring maximum efficacy without unnecessary invasiveness and minimal downtime.

Spa Treatment


Indulge and revitalise

Indulge in a pampering medispa facial, utilising the beneficial ingredients from Cosmedix and Toscani range of products. These treatments are suitable for all skin types and do not require skin prepping. They are gentle treatments designed to treat common skin issues like dehydration and redness, leaving your skin ready for any occasion. 
Each treatment id individually tailored to meet your requirements and make the experience an escape from your daily life and leave you feeling refreshed.

Skin Care


Peel away skin concerns

We use professional medical grade peels from Cosmedix, Toskani and Dermocosmètica to target and treat specific skin concerns or simply offer an antioxidant boost and refresh the skin. Our peels range from light antioxidant boosting peels to bigger Peels that can recondition the skin. To find out more click the link below or contact our friendly staff.

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Specialising reversing the clock of time

We utilise a multidisciplinary approach to treat issues surrounding antiaging to address wrinkles, fat reduction, volumising and skin laxity and qaulity.
With a team of Drs, Nurse practitioners and surgeons we are able to offer consultations to off a a multitude of options.

Plastic Surgery


Innovative thread technology

Our team of Drs and Surgeons include an Australasian trainer in thread lifts both PDO mono and larger thread lifts. we offer consultations on these procedures to address skin laxity and strength and lifting options.
With the recent innovation of PDO thread technology, as advanced users we can now treat an array of issues from crepey skin to sagging skin, under eyes, neck, jaw line, peri oral wrinkles and more to help stimulate your own collagen and over time create firmer, thicker toned skin and a lift.
Click the link below to find out more.

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Offering a range of ENT surgical options 

Our teams medical lead and director has been a prominent ENT surgeon with decades of experience behind him Mr Vallance can offer consultation on options for Nose and otoplasty.
Mr Vallance decades of experience makes him a great option to discuss and issues you might have that require functional and or plastiuc surguical options.



Clean and Revitalize your skin

Diamond microdermabrasion is beneficial for skin cell turn over, exfoliation, cleaning pores, and to help revitalize the skin leaving you with a glowing complexion. The treatment can be a stand alone treatment or combined with a MediSpa facial or light peel to offer a new dimension to your skin care treatment.



Skincare made simple. We use a range of products at cost affective prices to help with your everyday skincare needs and also targeted skin treatments.

Our skin care line is medical grade and dermatologist approved.



What you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body. As pioneers in clean skin care, Cosmedix always prioritized the use of the purest ingredients for the skin. To put it simply—they are clean before it was cool. All of their skin care products exclude parabens, petrolatum, mineral oil, PEGs, sodium lauryl sulfate, hydroquinone, glycolic acid, formaldehyde donors and artificial dyes and fragrances. We're also 100% cruelty-free—no exceptions, ever.
medical grade professional and home use products to make a change



A pharmaceutical company that produces a wide range of professional and home care products formulated with a high concentration of the latest-generation active ingredients, tailored to meet the needs of each consumer and skin type.

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Simplifying sun protection & skin science to help you perfect your daily regime and maximize your SPF Wardrobe™. Airyday's goal for you - beautiful, protected skin, Airyday.
We stock the full line of sunscreens, masks, and the first TGA approved medical grade LED mask for home use

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skinbetter offers a collection of groundbreaking treatment products within the Rejuvenate collection, to be complemented by our Protect, Enhance and Refresh collection products for optimal results. Receive a customized, effective and results-driven regimen from your skincare professional with skinbetter science.


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Guide to anti ageing skincare

Learn what products to use and how for a complete anti-ageing regime

Sun damage and pigmented skin

Learn What products to Use and how to use them to help clear pigmentation

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We always love to hear from our customers. Feel free to drop by or get in touch today to learn more about Peninsula Aesthetic & Laser clinic and what we have to offer.

7-9 Foot Street Frankston Victoria 3199

03 9989 2628

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