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Understanding ageing and our treatments

Ageing Is a natural process that happens, the signs of ageing show in many forms and particularly from a cosmetic perspective those signs show most on our skin. We approach the anti-ageing from a multi faceted approach and address all signs of ageing. Using laser we can remodel and rebuild the collagen fibers, we can also ablate using different laser wavelengths and applications depending on the desired clinical result. We also incorporate other approaches such as using injectables including muscle relaxants, fillers, and thread lifting.

Rejuvenate procedures of the face are increasing in numbers, and a plethora of different therapeutic options are available. Every procedure aims for the patient’s safety first and then for natural and long-lasting results. The face is composed layers and each layer is composed of specific structures which contribute differently to the appearance of an aging face. Considerations of the interplay between bone, ligaments, muscles, and fat are taken into account to achieve safe, natural, and long-lasting rejuvenated effects.

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A combination of qualities, such as shape, colour, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.


Beauty is easy enough to spot, but tricky to define—despite countless attempts to do so. Sometime around 300 B.C., the Greek mathematician Euclid identified the "Golden Proportion," an ideal face two-thirds as wide as it is tall, with a nose no longer than the distance between the eyes.

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In 1997, a retired California plastic surgeon introduced the Marquardt Mask, a robotic-looking web of lines that dissects faces using the ratio of 1 to 1.618, or phi. Identified in ancient Greece, this ratio governs the proportions of everything from human embryos to azalea buds and buildings and contributes to what we perceive to be a beautiful face.

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The Ageing signs

​When Addressing the ageing face we look at extrinsic (external/ environmental) factors and Intrinsic (Physiological) factors. These include:

  • Collagen and elastin, the building blocks of our dermis, production of which slows as we age

  • Both dynamic and static wrinkles form and become more prominent

  • The skin becomes thin and forms a crepe texture

  • Gravity and loss of underlying fat causes sagging

  • Change of skin texture, tone and clarity


Aging is the result of progressive changes to both the skin and underlying tissues through intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Intrinsic aging refers to the effects of genetic, hormonal, and biochemical changes over time. Extrinsic factors such as smoking and sun exposure accelerate facial aging through changes to skin including epidermal dysplasia and loss of elastic fibers and collagen. The combination of intrinsic and extrinsic factors leads to the clinical features of an aging face including dyschromia, wrinkles, dermatochalasis, bony resorption, protruding lower eyelids, and volume loss.

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Forgotten signs of ageing

Areas most people forget to treat and gives away peoples age are hands, necks, and décolletage.
As we age, hands tend to lose volume and show the worst signs of sun damage and age spots.
Using pigmentary treatment coupled with fractionated laser we can target the hands and rejuvenate the skin to give you more youthful looking hands.
The recommended treatment for volume loss in hands is the use of dermal fillers to fill out the volume depletion.

Forgotten signs of ageing

Areas most people forget to treat and gives away peoples age are hands, necks, and décolletage.

When our skin is exposed to the sun, it creates melanin to protect itself from damage from UV radiation. After years of sun-exposure and damage, this melanin can clump together forming senile lentigos or age spots. These spots can form on any area of skin that is repeatedly exposed to the sun and can contribute to the skin appearing aged.

Using Fractionated laser and pigmented laser treatment coupled with target specific skin care like the Dermacuetic Mela cream we are able to reverse the signs of aging on the neck and chest by reducing these age spots.

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dermis 20.jpg
dermis 30.jpg
dermis 40.jpg
dermis 50.jpg



Exposure to the sun and free radical damage can lead to skin's premature ageing.



The skin's ability to regenerate declines leading to dullness and an uneven skin tone. Collagen and elastin decrease.



Skin thinning can lead to sensitivity, redness and dryness. Age spots, fine lines and wrinkles become more prominent. Collagen and elastin continue to decrease.



Skin's structure and defense are impaired. Skin is less efficient in retaining moisture. Collagen and elastin are reduced.

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Understanding the difference with how men age

young and old man's face, the concept of old age and aging skin, wrinkles on the face of m

Male age differently to female mainly due to Intrinsic factors that include;

  • Male hormones (including testosterone): The sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone) have a lot to do with the differences between men's and women's skin. Both hormones influence our skin’s texture and thickness

  • Sebum Production: Male tend to have larger pores and are usually more prone to acne breakouts, while dealing with acne can be difficult it has the added benefit of increasing oil production to help keep the skin supple, hydrated and moisturised.

  • Skin thickness: in women estrogen production tends to slow down quicker than testosterone production does in men and as a result the signs of ageing such as collagen break down tends to show quicker in women.

  • Wrinkles: The signs of ageing can include how and where wrinkles typically first develop. Science tells us that men will first form deeper and more prominent wrinkles around the forehead and under the eyes where as women will first develop wrinkles earlier in life and first showing around the eyes and around the mouth and chin area.


One of the main approaches to anti-aging is educating and prescribing the correct products to use consistently at home to build up a regime. This is done for many reasons including to increase the effects of what we do in house, to help the healing process and to improve the results you get from laser treatments. Speak to us now to get a full anti-ageing skincare regime.


Using the power of light to turn the clock back


Anti-Ageing treatment requires such a multi-faceted approach, we have many laser assisted anti-ageing options available. 
Book an appointment today to discuss you anti-ageing needs and options available to you.


Anti-Ageing Using muscle relaxants, Dermal Fillers and Thread.


With over 35 years experience our injector can help treat the signs of ageing using muscle relaxants, dermal filler and PDO threading.
Book an appointment to discuss options available to you.


Our goal is to help people look naturally enhanced without looking like they've had a treatment

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